Point Of Sale, Business Manager For Retail and Wholesale Businesses like:

  • Pharmacy.
  • Independent Stores.
  • Furniture Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Wholesale Outlets
  • Resturant
  • Saloon.
  • ETC.
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  • Quick Billing: Process orders quickly with the help of bar/Qr code reader or searching by item Name, Brand, Description, etc quickly without having to type in the entire search.
  • Multiple Payment Modes: Accept all payments including Cash, ATM Cards (POS), Bank Transfer.
  • Discount: Apply discounts at time of billing.
  • Sales Return: Process returns and issue refunds for faulty products.
  • SMS / Email: receive daily, monthly report via SMS/Email.
  • Stock: Check the availability of stock before adding the item to the current bill, if the item in question is not in stock, be able to quickly suggest an alternative to the customer and not lose the sale.
  • Multi-Outlet Scalability: CorvSeller POS makes it easy to add new outlets/stores and registers as your business grows, this allow your business to operates as one cohesive operation.
  • Inventory Management: Powerful inventory management to help maximize your profits. Manage inventory across multiple outlets with a centralised product catalog, accessible from any location.
  • Real-time reporting: Real-time reporting for smarter business decisions. CorvSeller takes the guesswork out of decision-making with powerful sales and inventory reporting that’s live and accurate to the minute. Help increase profitability with key retail metrics including sales, inventory levels, sell-through rates, margin and more.

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Our focus is deeper than the surface. We exist to help your product or site make a long-lasting impact by building a rock-solid foundation — one that’s prepared to take on the future storms, roadblocks, and climbs your organization will undoubtedly face.

CorvSeller Business Manager (P.O.S)

We provide an extremely intuitive and secure C-PoS solution, with controlled access to real-time analysis and reporting facilities. It enables management to monitor the overall performance and profitability of their business, store by store, department by department, item by item and employee by employee.
Whether you simply need a way to manage your financials and inventory on-premise or in the cloud, or you need a comprehensive customer relationship management system, we have a solution that meets the needs of your growing business.

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Corv Hospital Management System

Corv-eHealth management System was developed based on best practices around the world. It is a comprehensive, and integrated Hospital Management System designed to manage all hospital operations which typically includes Outpatient and Inpatient Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Inventory, Online Scheduling, Doctor and Patient Portals, Accounting, etc. The ideal client base for Corv-eHealth are Healthcare facilities, multi-specialty clinics, and medical practitioners. Our multi-Location functionality allows your hospital, its branches, satellite clinics, and medical stores to be interconnected. This hospital management software helps you to be aware of revenue streams, patient records, and other critical metrics in real-time at your fingertips.

Corv Logistics Management System

Corv Logistics Management System is a future-ready platform that automates supply chain decisions. Add intelligence to your operations and make the right decisions to delight your customers.

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frequently asked questions, get knowledge befere hand

A point of sale system is used to track and manage your inventory and ring up sales. A payment processor handles the actual transaction during sales.

Payment processors transmit payment information between relevant parties to complete transactions—information will be sent between your business' bank account and the paying customer’s bank, for example, or between your acquiring bank and the customer’s credit card issuer.

CorvSeller point of sale system facilitates the transaction in question—if a payment processor connects to your bank, CorvSeller system powers your till. CorvSeller can manage the business while a payment system like Bank payment POS machine manages how customers can pay for their purchases.

We only charge for the system but users can purchase their device from any store our buy it and pay only once with us

CorvSeller's POS system works with many platforms. All our systems are built to run in a web browser on any device, including Mac, PC, Apple or Android phones, etc. You may be able to use all or most of your existing hardware when you add Lightspeed to your business—speak to your sales rep for more information.

All new CorvSeller users are entitled to a free one-on-one onboarding session. A product expert will walk you through the Point of Sale system's major features and answer any and all of your business questions relevant to your business. After you've completed your onboarding session, we offer free phone support, available 24/7 in English.

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